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Walnut & Ambrosia Maple Birdhouse
Rustic Birdhouse, Hand turned acorn shaped birdhouse

Birdhouse, Outdoor, Acorn Shaped

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This beautifully marked, Walnut & Ambrosia Maple acorn-shaped birdhouse has a sweet acorn finial on the bottom. It is suitable as a chickadee or wren house. Made from artist-gathered fallen trees. This is a house that's just handsome from every angle!  The top is held by 2 pins and comes off for easy cleaning. It is finished with pure Tung oil.

Size: 10.5"H x 7” diam.

This makes a great Birthday or Mother's Day gift.

All houses come with a removable perch and care instructions. (See below)

  ~ Birds are very sensitive to chemicals in their environment. We use only nontoxic finishes on our birdhouses.
~ Birdhouses will weather when used outside. Some cracking will likely occur-this is normal and provides needed ventilation for the nest.  We recommend a semi-annual application of Tung oil on the roof and body to keep it looking it’s best.  We also recommend that they be installed under an overhang or similar sheltered spot.  It is also suggested that they be taken down and stored over the Winter-they will last longer that way. (If used as a delightful indoor decorating piece, they need only a semi-annual Tung oil application & will give years of enjoyment)
~ The Birdhouses are “bird ready” and have panel nails holding the lid to the body.  These are easily removed for yearly cleaning. We recommend dusting the interior with diatomaceous earth once a year.
~ Many small birds will (and have!) used our birdhouses to make nests. These include Wrens, Nuthatches, Chickadees, Tufted Titmouse and other small birds.

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