FAQ about our products - Schoolhouse Woodcrafts

Here are all of our care sheets that answer most of the frequently asked questions at shows.

Birdhouse Care:

  ~ Birds are very sensitive to chemicals in their environment. We use only nontoxic finishes on our birdhouses.
~ Birdhouses will weather when used outside. Some cracking will likely occur-this is normal & provides needed ventilation for the nest.  We recommend a semi-annual application of pure Tung oil on the roof & body to keep it looking it’s best.  We also recommend that they be installed under an overhang or similar sheltered spot.  It is also suggested that they be taken down & stored over the Winter-they will last longer that way. (If used as a delightful indoor decorating piece, they need only a semi-annual Tung oil application & will give years of enjoyment)
~ The Birdhouses are “bird ready” & have panel nails holding the lid to the body.  These are easily removed for yearly cleaning. We recommend dusting the interior with diatomaceous earth once a year.
~ Many small birds will (& have!) used our birdhouses to make nests. These include Wrens, Nuthatches, Chickadees, Tufted Titmouse & other small birds.

Bluebird Box Care:

Your new Bluebird house is ready to give you years of enjoyment.

This house is easy to use & monitor. The back of the house has been predrilled for mounting on a post, fence, wall or pole. The large galvanized nail on the upper side of the house acts as a removable pin & the front of the house hinges open. The door is hinged at the bottom to allow you to check the nest box safely during nesting season & for easy clean out at the end of the season.
We have finished these houses with pure Tung oil, a non toxic finish for the birds.

Bird Feeder Care:

   Get ready to be mobbed by your local bird population!

~ Take your bird feeder home, tip with opening facing up to fill with seed (we recommend black oil sunflower), enjoy the birds! No other care is needed. (Log Feeder) Fly through feeders can be filled with a cup from either side, no tipping necessary. Suet Feeders - unwrap suet, place back in basket, and enjoy the birds.

~ Take your bird feeder home, tip with opening facing up to fill with seed (we recommend black oil sunflower), enjoy the birds! No other care is needed. An annual application of Tung oil is optional.***

 ~ This is a natural product, made from air-dried logs. The feeder sides will open up a bit with changes in humidity,  and cracks will appear on the ends of the feeder . These changes are normal, and since the ends are nailed in place with 2" nails, will not affect functionality.

~ The chain can be unclipped on one side for putting over a tree limb, etc.

***Pure Tung Oil can be found at:www.realmilkpaint.com/ or your local Woodcrafts store.


Fairy Houses, Dinettes & Mushrooms:

~ Fairy houses, dinettes beds & mushrooms are finished with Tung oil & may be used in the garden*. We recommend that you avoid direct contact with soil by placing them on a tile or flat rock. For longer life, bring them inside during the winter months.       
The Fairies will also use them indoors. *White Birch-Indoor ONLY!

~ These are decorative and not intended as toys, although older children may enjoy them. (and the tooth fairy will visit them!)

~ Please keep out of reach of children under three years of age, as the smaller pieces could present a choking hazard.


Mushroom Garlic Crushers/ Mashers:

 ~ Our Mushroom Garlic Crushers are easy & fun to use!  Simply put the clove of garlic on a cutting board, hold the cap of the mushroom, & hit the garlic clove with the flat base.  The hard shell on the clove will then easily peel off. If you wish to make a garlic paste,  just sprinkle kosher salt on the garlic clove & pound to the desired consistency.
 ~ To care for simply wipe off with a damp dishcloth & dry. The periodic use of Tung oil or other food safe oil is recommended.


Rolling Pins, Bowls, and other Kitchen Tools:

Congratulations on your acquisition of a beautiful, functional, hand-
turned wooden bowl or rolling pin or other kitchen tool. With proper care, this can become a cherished family heirloom passed through the generations.

Firstly,  enjoy your bowl/ rolling pin. We use a salad bowl finish or pure tung oil on all our pieces so they are ready for you to use.  The more you use and handle them, the more patina they will develop.   Regular application of a food safe oil such as pure (food safe)  tung oil should be applied 3-4 times a year minimum. Tung oil can be found online at The Real Milk Paint Company  or at any Woodcrafts store.

As an alternate to the above, you can make a food safe, moisture resistant wax using 3 parts mineral oil with 1 part pure(organic if possible) beeswax. Melt together, allow to cool, & buff on your woodturning to a low sheen with a clean soft cloth.
After use, simply wipe with a damp cloth & dry.  Never submerge in water  &  never, never  run through a dishwasher.

Even if you  purchase one of our art turnings, periodic use of tung oil is suggested to keep it looking it’s best.