Bluebird House, Rustic Bluebird Birdhouse, Hand-made Bluebird Box,
bluebird house, rustic bluebird nesting box
Bluebird house, side view of nesting box
bluebird house
bluebird birdhouse, inside view

Bluebird House, Rustic Bluebird Birdhouse, Cherry Roof & Knot and Sassafras Birdhouse

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This may possibly be the best Bluebird house ever! We did our research before making these houses, and they include all the elements you need for success. This rustic birdhouse looks great in the garden.

The deep knot on the front protects the nest from predators (4 legged & winged) & discourages English Sparrows, the interior size gives the adult Bluebirds room to maneuver  to protect their young & themselves, and the door in the front hinges at the bottom so you can check on the nest without causing nestlings to startle and fall.

There is a large galvanized 16p nail acting as a pin for easy inspection & cleaning. There are also 4 holes drilled in the back for easy installation on a post, fence, or wall.

11" h x 6.5" w x 9.5" d

                                 Bluebird House Care

This Bluebird house is ready to give you years of enjoyment.

This house is easy to use & monitor. The back of the house has been pre-drilled for mounting on a post, fence, wall or pole. The large galvanized nail on the upper side of the house acts as a removable pin & the front of the house hinges open. The door is hinged at the bottom to allow you to check the nest box safely during nesting season & for easy clean out at the end of the season.
We have finished these houses with pure Tung oil, a non toxic finish for the birds.