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Fairy Dinette
Fairy Dinette
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Fairy Dinette

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These charming little dinettes come with a table and four little stump chairs. The Fairies love them! At only 1" high, the dinettes look charming with our fairy houses. These are made of Yew, like our mushrooms.

Every set is unique, so they will vary slightly in appearance.

Height: 1 inch


                      Care of Fairy Houses, Dinettes & Mushrooms

~ Fairy houses, dinettes & mushrooms are finished with Tung oil & may be used in the garden*. We recommend that you avoid direct contact with soil by placing them on a tile or flat rock. For longer life, bring them inside during the winter months.       
The Fairies will also use them indoors. *White Birch-Indoor ONLY!

~ These are decorative and not intended as toys, although older children may enjoy them. (and the tooth fairy will visit them!)

~ Please keep out of reach of children under three years of age, as the smaller pieces could present a choking hazard.